What can we offer you at Culleres!?

Spices, aromatic herbs, garden vegetables, seasonal fruit, market, Catalan, Moroccan, Asian, Indian, Mexican cuisine… NATURALNESS and LOVE of eating!

You can choose to eat at our restaurant, take away or even call to order your prepared meal and avoid the wait. Don’t forget to check out what we have before you order.

All the dishes are cooked by us, and we try to work with local produce as far as possible. We include many organic products and we only use olive oil.

We offer a host of combinations to adapt to your needs, both financial and food-based. You’ll always find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. Ask us anything you like!

Every day you’ll find...
To both eat in or take away

2 Soups

3 Omelettes

1 Dish of the day: lasagne, croquettes, vegetable pies, quiche, chicken stew, etc.

2 Salads: couscous with vegetables, brown rice with curried chicken, Moroccan-style pasta, taboulé, etc.

Salad to taste: we have over 16 ingredients to choose from + nuts + 6 vinaigrettes

1 Vegetarian mixed dish: mixed salad + one cereal with vegetables + one falafel or mini burger + caramelised onion + olives + one vegetable pie or omelette + vinaigrette

1 Vegetable burger with salad, caramelised onion and vinaigrette

1 Sandwich with rye or wholemeal bread

Vegetable flatbread with or without cheese


And also...

PICNIC MENU: takeaway only!

It contains 1 soup + 1 dish


TUESDAYS: Pad Thai: rice noodles with soya shoots, peanuts and tofu

THURSDAYS: brown rice paella with vegetables and mushrooms



Home-made cakes

Fresh fruit salad

Apple compote with cinnamon and brown sugar

Yoghurt and non-fat yoghurt




As well as water and the usual soft drinks, you can enjoy drinks made by us:

  • Lemonade with stevia and mint
  • Mojité: cold tea with lime and mint
  • Smoothies: whipped fruit with cow’s or assorted vegetable milks
  • Fresh orange juice

… And local bio juices:

  • Cal Valls juices: tomato, lemon, orange, mandarin, pear, apple, peach, pineapple
  • Linda juices: orange and rosemary, pear and pepper and lemon and ginger

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